Welcome to the world of I Can Spell. We help children and young adults spell High Frequency Words!

On this website, you will find tips and tricks to help children learn how to spell the most common High and Medium Frequency Words (Sight Words) using 2 fun, multisensory spelling workbooks:

My Spelling Book 1: High Frequency Words (the first 150 most common sight words)

My Spelling Book 2: Medium Frequency Words (the next 120 most common words)

These fun workbooks are very easy to use and come with instructions. The structure employs methods similar to the Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check used in most schools – but in a much more kinaesthetic and memorable way using NLP visualisation as well. Children eventually spell with their eyes closed, which is the visualisation part and children absolutely love doing this; it focuses children on using all learning styles. Check out the ‘Getting Started’ page to prepare children for using the workbooks.

Depending on your child’s ability, your child can learn a small section or just 2 or 3 spellings at a time. There is a section at the back of the workbooks to help you record and monitor your child’s individual progress, together with a certificate of spelling achievement.

For tricky spellings, you can make your own flash cards, with pictures and mnemonics and have lots of fun with them (see below). Or you can model High Frequency Words using clay, Plasticine™ or colourful pipe cleaners. You can use the first letter of our vowel characters to create fun mnemonics to help you remember how to spell tricky words: Annie (girl), Eric (wizard), Indie (dog), Oli (boy), Uppie (bird) and Yokie (cat).

Example of the mnemonic: “does”:

The workbooks are effective spelling resources that teachers use in the classroom and parents use at home with their child. Learning High Frequency spellings is something that every parent can help their child learn.

Children learn best when they are using hands-on, kinaesthic methods. Take a look at the Teachers, Schools and Parents sections for learning in the classroom and activities and games for fun spelling ideas. If you would like to send us your own personal mnemonics you have created, we can put them on the website for others to enjoy and learn from.

GOOD LUCK with learning your spellings! 🙂

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