Here are some mnemonics created by children for difficult spellings. If you have any of your own you would like to share please send them in.

Any Any Nice Yoghurts
Any Ants Never Yawn
Any All Ninjas Yell
Accommodation Accommodation has 2 double beds (2 Cs and 2 Ms)
Accommodation Accommodation – two Cats, two Mice and a dog = (2 Cs and 2 Ms and a D)
Acid A Chemical Is Dangerous
Affect Affect is the action.  Effect – is the result
After A Fat Tiger Eats Rabbits
Almost All Loud Mothers Only Shout Tea
Already A Little Rat Eats The Dumpling – Yum
April All People Read In Libraries
Arithmetic A Rat In The House Might Eat The Ice Cream
August All Ugly Girls Use Spot Treatment
Bargain when you get a bargain you gain
Battle Be Alert To The Large Enemy
Beautiful Say to yourself “Why not BE A UTI FUL person each day”
Beautiful Big Elephants Always Use Trunks In Finding Unusual Lakes
Because Be Cool And U Save Energy
Because Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants
Bed Bed: –  is a pictorial way to remember b and d.
Hold up your left hand and make a circle with your thumb and first finger, then hold your other 3 fingers in a straight line behind your circle = b . Now do the same thing with your right hand, and hey presto it makes d .
Before Big Elephants Fight Over Rotten Eggs
Believe “believe” has “lie” in it
Brother Brother Runs Over The Hill Every Race
Business You get the BUS INto your BUSINESS
Caused Think of ‘because’ and then take away the ‘b’and the ‘e’ and keep the rest the same. Then add a ‘d’ at the end to spell Caused
Chocolate Don’t be late for Choc o late
Committee 2 ‘M’s, 2 ‘T’s and 2 ‘E’s – Mutter Mutter Talk Talk Eat Eat
Complement adds something to make it enough.  Compliment – puts you in the limelight
Computer Com – put – er
Could C ould – Oh U Lucky Duck
Diarrhoea  Dash In A Rush Run Hard Or Else Accidents
Difficulty  Mrs.D. Mrs.I. Mrs.F.F.I.,Mrs.C. Mrs.U. Mrs.L.T.Y
Does  Does Oliver Eat Sweets
Embarrass When you are embarrassed, you go really red (RR – 2 ‘r’s).
  2 ‘r’s and 2 ‘s’s – i.e. the letters are doubled. 
  Two rosy cheeks and two scarlet cheeks
Edinburgh Edward Died In November Buried Under Robert Graham’s House
Egypt Ever Got Your Pigtails Trapped
Enough Elephants Never Own Ugly Great Houses
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