Here are some mnemonics created by children for difficult spellings. If you have any of your own you would like to share please send them in.

Father FAT – HER
Father Father is FAT
February Frogs Enjoy Bouncing Round Umbrellas And Relaxing Yoga
Foreign FOR England I Go Nuts
Forget Forget is FOR GET
Four four owls under rainbows
Four four or fourteen has a U – but U are not forty !
Friend If you’re a friEND you’re a friEND to the END
Geography  George Edwards Old Grandfather Rode A Pig Home Yesterday
Goes  Goats Only Eat Sausages
Hear  You HEAR with your EAR
Heard His EAR disappEARed
Island An ISLAND IS some LAND.
January  Jelly And Nuts Usually Are Really Yummy
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