Here are some mnemonics created by children for difficult spellings. If you have any of your own you would like to share please send them in.

Language  Look Amazing Now Grow Up And Get Educated
Lathe  LA (French for ‘the’) THE (then ‘the’ in English)
Laugh  Laugh And U Get Happy
Little  Lazy Indians Told Terrible Lies + an extra E
Love  Little Old Vegetarian Elephant
Macaroni split it up into – Ma Car On I
Many Mice Are Never Yellow
Minutes Many Intelligent Nuts Use Time Extremely Sensibly
Mother Mother Has A Moth
Naughty Naughty And Ugly Girls Hate Toads, Yuk!
Necessary one collar two socks
Ought  O U Great Hairy Tiger
Once  One Naughty Cold Eskimo
Parliament – has liam surrounded by Par ent
Parliament I am
People People Eat Omelets, People Like Eggs
Piano Play In A Noisy Orchestra
Piece You eat a PIECE of PIE
Piece This is a pie and I want a PIEce of PIE
Police To remember how to spell POLICE picture a policeman (full uniform and helmet!) sitting on an ICEberg at the North POLe
Principle and Principal To distinguish the difference remember that The PrinciPAL is your PAL
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