Here are some mnemonics created by children for difficult spellings. If you have any of your own you would like to share please send them in.

Realise REAL Idiots Sing Equations
Rhythm Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving
Right Rhinos Ignore Giraffes Hurting Tigers
Said Seals Are In Danger
School S chool is chool
School School Can Help Ollie Owl Learn
Secretary SECRETARY must keep a SECRET
Separate There is A RAT in separate
Separate You can’t separate a PARA from his parachute
Should SH – OULD – O U Lucky Duck
Soldier Sold/i/er – Just break it down into 3 bits.
Son or sun A son is a boy and they both have an ‘o’
Special The CIA have special agents
Teeth Teeth Eat Even Tough Ham
Television TELE- VI- Switch It On Now
Temperature To spell temperature think of a book called “Temper at Ure”
Their They left their money to their son and heir.
There (here)
They They Hate Eating Yoghurt
Three Three Horrid Rats Eat Eggs
Through The Horse Ran Over Uncle George’s Hat
Thursday Two Huge Ugly Rats Sat – DAY
Together TO GET HER put it together and you will have together
Toilet Toilet is TO I LET
Tomorrow Trails Of My Old Red Rose Over Window.  Tom –or –row
Tuesday Tuesday – U Eat Sweets DAY
Two Two Wet Otters
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