Writing creativity versus spelling dilemma

Children learn best when they are being creative and when learning is interactive and real fun. But, unfortunately, spelling and writing can be quite a stressful time for many children.

Some children worry endlessly about trying to remember how to spell a word correctly when they are free writing. We need to put the fun and emphasis back into spelling High Frequency Words, so that your child feels more confident in his ability to write sentences that make sense.

When children are very young and just beginning to experiment writing stories, the process of creative writing and expression and being able to get ideas down on paper is far more important than your child worrying about making too many spelling mistakes. If children worry about correctly spelling every single word, they will become anxious and unconfident in their writing and their ideas will not flow.

However, this is where the dilemma comes in – at what point do teachers (and the child himself) expect better spelling? If children are left to spell the same word incorrectly over and over again, it becomes much more difficult to change the incorrect spelling, as the brain remembers how they have been writing it incorrectly time and time again. It’s rather like us adults picking up bad driving habits that are very hard to change.

It is kinder and much more effective to pick up on just a few of your child’s misspellings and work together on those. Always choose the High Frequency spellings first – these are the most important ones. These High Frequency spellings are ones that children are writing every single day, many, many times over. It really doesn’t matter as much if they can’t spell the odd word like ‘stomach’ or ‘broccoli” – how often are they going to be writing these words in their stories and essays, plus they can look up these infrequent spellings in a dictionary?

It is much more important to help children focus on spelling High Frequency Words such as ‘does’, ‘goes’, ‘said’, ‘are’, ‘you’, ‘thought’, ‘heard’, ‘ought’, ‘would’, ‘could’, ‘there’, ‘their’, ‘they’re’ etc. that they are having to spell every day.

By using the I Can Spell High Frequency spelling workbooks in conjunction with flash cards, mnemonics, colour-coding, graffiti and a whole host of other fun activities and games, your child can have fun learning their High Frequency Words. They will really improve their chances of remembering these important spellings, making them feel much more self-confident in their ability to write sentences and stories that are spelled correctly.

Take a look at different spelling activities you can do with your child in the Parents and Schools sections.

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