The Author: Carolina Fröhlich

Carolina Frohlich is the author of the I Can Spell series of children’s spelling workbooks: My Spelling Book 1: High Frequency Words (the first 150 most common sight words) and My Spelling Book 2: Medium Frequency Words (the next 120 most common words).

Carolina is a dynamic diagnostic educational assessor, qualified primary and secondary school teacher and specialist teacher of children and young adults with specific learning difficulties and gifted and talented children. Carolina undertakes professional diagnostic educational assessments and access arrangements for exams (JCQ). She is a member of the Psychological Testing Centre (PTC), afiliate member of BPS (British Psychological Society) and PATOSS (The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific learning difficulties). Her qualifications are: BA (Hons 1st), Dip Ling, PGCE, Dip RSA (SpLd), CPT3A (British Psychological Society).

Along with her many years of working with children, Carolina is the parent of two children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and speech and language problems. She overcame her own dyslexia early on and used her own difficulties as inspiration to help her children, and to become a teacher for children with learning difficulties. Carolina understands the challenges that children and their families face every day of their lives with respect to education, achievement and self-esteem.

Carolina Fröhlich is an expert at teaching children with learning challenges and in supporting parents that are unfamiliar with support systems in schools. Carolina provides a reassuring presence for beleaguered parents. As a learning specialist she guides and supports parents to ensure that they can give their children the best education possible. Her empathy and knowledge is evident from all angles.

Carolina’s delightful positive approach focuses on the strengths of each child. Her unique method engages the whole family and shows parents how to forge partnerships with teachers and school systems. She is a role model for parents who want to preserve confidence and self-esteem in their children.

She advises parents and schools on what they really need to consider if they have a child who is finding school challenging or is disengaged. She supports parents of gifted and talented children who are underachieving, children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, attention difficulties, hyperactivity, Asperger’s, sensory integration disorder, organisational difficulties, short-term memory and auditory/visual processing issues.

Carolina shows parents what they can do at home to help their children learn better at school and university in areas such as reading, spelling, handwriting, study skills, modern foreign languages, memory strategies. She helps parents and children deal with the emotional consequences of having any form of learning challenge.

She helps parents choose the right school for their child in English speaking schools worldwide.

Parents who attend her workshops discover new dimensions of listening that enable their children to open up and share their concerns, and to reveal hidden gifts and talents that would otherwise go unnoticed. The depth of receptivity that parents learn causes children to believe in themselves and to gain greater self-assurance.

Carolina lectures to trainee teachers at university on barriers to learning, how our memory works, the forgetting curve and memory strategies, left brain/right brain teaching and learning, Multiple Intelligences, teaching to students’ VAK learning preferences, motivational skills and effective revision techniques.

Carolina is available for event speaking, conferences and INSET training. Further information about topics covered can be found under the Workshop pages.


As well as her day to day work, in 2012 she is publishing an e-book for teachers on SEN classroom strategies and an excellent book for parents about specific learning difficulties called Talents and Tears©: A holistic guide for parents of dyslexic children (from kindergarten to college).

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