Parents’ Courses and Seminars

Parents want to see their children do well at school and feel good about themselves; but sometimes knowing what to do for the best can be a little overwhelming.

Our workshops are highly informative and we provide strategies that work. You will also get to meet others who are either facing similar issues that you are having or might have already overcome them.

If you would like to know more about how you can help your child learn better at home and at school,  please contact carolina at for details about the following courses and seminars or 1:1 consultations:

Does my child have a learning difficulty?

  • I think my child has a learning difficulty – what should we do?
  • What does having a learning difficulty mean to your child?
  • Emotional and behavioural considerations of underachievement
  • Learning challenges at school & Brain A.M.P.S.©
  • Improve learning through nutrition, exercise and sleep

Parents involved in their children’s learning

  • A holistic guide to learning: Fröhlich’s hierarchy of children’s needs and rights©
  • Both parents are important role models in children’s learning at school
  • Dads involved in reading = great progress and family bonding

Memory strategies, learning styles and study skills

  • We all learn in different ways: What is your child’s preferred style of learning (VAK: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic)?
  • Memory skills, study skills and homework time
  • Learning through humour

Reading, spelling and handwriting skills

  • How you can significantly improve your child’s ability to read
  • My child finds spelling very hard – how can I help? Focus on spelling high frequency words
  • Handwriting and fine motor control


  • How to improve your child’s level of motivation
  • Identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • What is your child’s talent? How to Identify and focus on your child’s abilities and talents
  • Help your child understand the purpose and benefit of what he/she is learning at school (the bigger picture)

School and your child

  • How to choose the right school for my child
  • Advocate for your child
  • How the ‘educational system’ works
  • Cognitive educational assessments: what are they and why are they important?

Effective learning requires Brain A.M.P.S. © Carolina Fröhlich

Fröhlich’s hierarchy of children’s needs and rights © Carolina Fröhlich

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